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A More Enjoyable Buying Experience

By working with The Keyes Company, you will benefit from our nine decades of experience in the area, stellar reputation in the industry, and our commitment to present you with smarter choices, better planning, faster timing, and fewer hassles. At Keyes, family doesn't need to stop at the front door - we will treat you like one of our own. We promise a better experience.



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Buy Comfortably, Anywhere

When your new home is in a different city or state, let our award-winning Relocation Services department streamline your move. With more than 90 years of nationwide experience, our dedicated team understands the economics and emotions that come during the relocating process. We provide personalized service throughout the process and will cater to the individual needs of each client.



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The buying process can be complicated, but Keyes streamlines it by providing you access to our leading mortgage, title, insurance, and property management services.

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Our in-house mortgage partner is a direct lender with hundreds of loan programs. Whether convential, jumbo, FHA, VA, condo, foreign national, investment, or other specialized loan programs, our in-office loan officers have the expertise to help you deliver the best option to your customers. Capital Partners continues to provide customers with exceptional service, excellent communication and consisent updates.


Fully-owned by The Keyes Company, HomePartners contines to serve all of your title needs. We have in-house financial and legal consultants available to answer any questions that may arise. HomePartners has developed centralized services that include a program that allows parties to receive progress updates, next steps, and copies of shared title documents via secure e-mail.


Our partnership with Tom Gallagher Insurance gives Keyes Insurance dozens of resources to ensure that our quotes are competitive while providing proper coverage. Our 96% policy renewal rate is virtually unmatched in the industry, a tribute to the quality we bring to each individual deal. When your customer is choosing between two homes, the insurance rate can make all the difference for a successful closing.

Property Management

Whether your customer is a relocating homeowner leasing a residence for one year or an investor with dozens of real estate assets, they want the peace of mind Keyes Property Management gives. KPM offers detailed services that bring unparalleled experience, connections, and dedication to each of our customers. These services include move-in and move-out inspections, rent collection and more.

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